About Us

Welcome to Long Lost Sister Boutique. I’m Amy, the owner, and I’m so glad you stopped by to learn a little more about me...

Often, I get asked…How did you come up with the name for your business?


Long Lost Sister came from a very hard crossroad in my life when I had a lot of close relationships end abruptly. That opened the door for my brother’s girlfriend, Sheila, to come into my life. She brought me so much joy.

We planned a weekend girl’s trip.

I had a bracelet made for her that said Long Lost Sister on it, and I had planned to gift this to her on our trip. As we were headed to Fredericksburg, Texas for our wine tour of a weekend, we were tossing around ideas of name for my new adventure.

As she was opening her gift bag and pulls out the bracelet, I said Ohhhhh!! What if we call it Long Lost Sister Boutique.

She got chills! I got chills! We both got happy tears!

And that was settled. Long Lost Sister Boutique was born.

My goal is to create items for my customers that bring joy like she did for me right when I needed it most!

And the best part is….She still does to this day!

Thank you, Sheila for bringing me back to life.

 As you are shopping the website, I hope you can find that little something that brings you joy or that can be a gift to bring joy to someone else’s life.